At The Greyhound Deli we operate in a world of gratitude. We are grateful to work with top notch growers and producers who provide us with the best local food. We are grateful to be able to share with our community. Our staff shares this passion and gratitude, and because of this our customer service is some of the best in the area. We work face to face with people in our community, which continues to encourage positive energy. (We are simply one link in a very strong, very important local chain of quality, independent from the influence of big industry.) When we work closely within our community, it strengthens every tie and enables us to more honestly represent our friends and neighbors and instills within us all a sense of closeness, which has been lost with the rise of large corporate industrial farming and growing techniques and practices. Every business, person, and artisan that we work with shares  this view, believes in it, and practices it daily.

We believe in the connection of craftsmen to consumer. We take great pride in the food we create, and we work closely with people who also take great pride in their craft. We work with local producers, growers, bakers, and butchers to give our community the best tasting, freshest food experience we can.

We believe good, handmade, from scratch food is accessible. Because we work so closely within our community, we are able to offer exceptional quality at a competitive rate. We believe the food we make is for everyone. Everyone should have access to locally grown, raised, and produced food. This is something we strive for everyday. We do not use artificial flavors or ingredients in our food. There is no need for them when we work with such quality food. We use lots of organic ingredients in our cooking, alongside all of our local goods.


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We believe in the connection of farm-to-table. We work closely with local farms who have a true passion for not just the food they grow, but also for the land itself. We have learned from our farmer friends in the past few years, simply because they are passionate about their work and want to talk about it. Not many people have the opportunity to to engage with farmers on this level; we count ourselves fortunate that we have been able to. We view it as our job to share what they have taught us with the people who buy our food. Being able to tell a customer where exactly their produce was grown makes them an active part of the process. They are not simply on the receiving end, they are now on the giving end, allowing us to serve them, and allowing the farmers to continue growing the food that the customers want. Having this knowledge about food, and its sources, only strengthens our sense of community.